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Using the Holidays to Promote Your Business

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Looking for ways to promote your business as the year closes out?

Have you thought about using the holidays to boost your online presence?

December is the month of giving, and for working adults, gifts go beyond toys and treats. The holidays are an excellent time to promote  your business—whatever good or service you provide is a gift to someone!

What Gift Does Your Business Offer?

According to explodingtopics.com and cnbc.com, the average American spends upwards of $1,000 over the holidays. This statistic is geared towards retail, of course, but many people opt to help a loved one cover the cost of a service as a gift. For example, parent(s) might help their adult child  pay for a pricey car repair, or a friend might pay for another’s spa treatment. Whatever your business provides, it’s a worthwhile gift to someone out there, and the holidays present a great opportunity to capitalize on extra sales. By framing your goods/services as a gift in your marketing, your customers will be more likely to see it that way.

‘Tis the Season for Discounts

The holidays are a great time for your business to run specials and discounts. As long as it’s conducive to your business, one-time discounts are a tried-and-true method of boosting profits. Retailwire.com talks about the psychology of discounts, and the main principle is “the larger the discount, the greater the perceived value.” This just means that people are more likely to buy something when it’s discounted, because it seems like it’s worth more. This is more geared towards retail, but also applies to services. 20% off a chiropractic exam? 30% off a utility installation? It may not be the first thing you think of when you think of holiday cheer, but any working adult will tell you how much of a gift small business service can be worth!

Get in the Spirit!

This isn’t to say that holiday discounts are required to boost your business. Whether you discount or not, you can take advantage of the holiday spirit for advertising. One of the great things about the holiday season is that nearly everyone can participate, even if they don’t specifically celebrate Christmas. Using holiday themed graphics and images on your social media and website gets people in a cheerful mood and helps them relate to your business. Plus, with all the holiday advertisement that other businesses will be doing, you don’t want your business to seem dull by comparison!

If it’s not the style of your business, you don’t have to advertise your business with pictures of candy canes and snowmen—even just a few festive colors or subtle graphics can do the trick.

Celebrate the New Year with a Fresh Web Design from Michigan

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