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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Fom the Dawn of the Internet to Page One of Google ... and Beyond!

Are you old enough to remember the AOL dial-up sound, and its iconic slogan “You’ve Got Mail!”? Today, that seems like ancient history, but Michigan SEO Group actually has its roots in the dawn of the “people’s internet.”

More about that in a moment, but did you know that today, Michigan SEO Group is a full-service online marketing agency that provides website design for Michigan businesses, performs search engine optimization [SEO], writes digital content, and manages social media and pay-per-click campaigns? Our clients range from small family businesses to international industries. We’ve evolved as the internet has evolved, building ethical and abundant online strategies that withstand the fast-changing landscape of online search.

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Nick Suino


Nick is an entrepreneur, martial arts expert, writer, attorney, and inspirational speaker.

Nick Suino, CEO  at Michigan SEO Group.

Don Prior


Don is the founder of Network Services Group, the co-founder of SEO Ann Arbor, and co-author of the book SEO and Beyond.

Don Prior, Co-Founder  at Michigan SEO Group.

Dan Holland

Web Developer

Dan is an SEO specialist and web programmer who can help you build websites with highly efficient code.

Dan Holland, Web Developer  at Michigan SEO Group.

Katie Kazda

Internet Marketing Manager

Katie can help grow your business by getting you more awareness and leads from your website!

Katie Kazda, Internet Marketing Manager  at Michigan SEO Group.

Katherine Blacker

Internet Marketing Director + Editor

Katherine Blacker can help you if you're looking to increase your presence online and get more leads.

Katherine Blacker, Internet Marketing Director + Editor  at Michigan SEO Group.

Madison Zyskowski

Internet Marketing Director

Madison can help grow your online presence through traditional and modern SEO methods.

Madison Zyskowski, Internet Marketing Director  at Michigan SEO Group.

Emily Driscoll

Internet Marketing Director

Emily can help you increase your business's online presence by telling your story.

Emily Driscoll, Internet Marketing Director  at Michigan SEO Group.

Shelby Rochowiak

Internet Marketing Director

Shelby is ready to help you expand your digital footprint and attract more potential customers.

Shelby Rochowiak, Internet Marketing Director  at Michigan SEO Group.