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What is AI Writing?

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Have you tried using an artificial intelligence (AI) writing software?

Do you think AI writing will replace human writers?

AI writing is exactly what it sounds like: content composed by artificial intelligence. You can input keywords and topics into the program, and the AI uses that information to put together text by referencing pre-existing content on the internet.

Two of the most popular AI writing programs are ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, and ContentBot AI Writer, created by Google.

The idea of AI writing in the marketing field thrills some and sparks concern in others. Here are some pros and cons of AI writing:

Pros of Using AI Written Content

Saves time for writers. It can take hours to write content which can quickly become overwhelming when projects pile up. Using AI writing as a stepping stone for content can help writers keep up with their workload. 

Helps overcome writer’s block. Rather than struggling with a blank screen, AI generated content provides a base for writers to work with and shape into people-first content.

Helps research and organize ideas. AI writing is pulled from pre-existing content on the internet, which can streamline the process of looking for inspiration. 

Cons of using AI Written Content

Requires editing. Even though AI can write clear, easy to understand content, it still takes a degree of human editing for AI content to sound less clunky or robotic.

Lacks emotional intelligence. One of the highlights of online articles is how the reader can relate to it. Emotional intelligence is key in marketing and is something that AI writing has not reached yet.

Potential issues with plagiarism. Because AI writing is sourced from pre-existing web content, it could be considered plagiarism. Content written by an AI bot does not guarantee plagiarism, but without a human writer checking what is sourced, it becomes a risk.

SEO needs a human touch. The latest AI writing can come across as natural. However, if the goal is SEO, sometimes an AI bot can go a little too far. It’s important to make sure that the keywords in an article don’t sound like spam; if Google flags an article as spam, then it defeats the whole purpose of the SEO.

Will AI Replace Writers?

AI writing programs have the potential to aid writers and businesses. The best way to use AI writing programs is to treat them as tools rather than replacements for human writers. AI has not evolved to a point of replacing writers and may not for years.

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