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Is your business struggling to move up in search ranking on Google?

Are you churning out new content but those keywords refuse to budge?

There’s a lot more to SEO than creating great content.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a one trick and you’re done process. Creating content is one thing, but optimizing it on your website with smart SEO-focused website design is just as important.

What Does Your URL Say?  

It may seem like a no-brainer but it’s one thing that could be holding your website back. Depending on who and how your website was built and where it’s hosted - every new page may be given a random assignment of letters and numbers each time you create a page on your website. Use a keyword instead for your URL! It makes it easier for the Google crawlers to index your content and it helps your website pop on search results!

Are Your Pictures Too Pretty?

Everyone wants a kickass website filled with professional-looking pictures and videos. But those pretty pictures could be holding you back! Image size is incredibly important for website load speeds. When Google looks at your website and it’s taking forever to load – they punish the ranking. There are plenty of tools out there to resize images and make them easier to load, so use them!

What does your content look like?

Google is always looking at how you link your pages. While it’s fine to have internal links to your own pages, there are a bunch of no-no’s that would be black hat and punished by search engines. People still try to hide text that users can’t see but search engines do. Hidden links and cloaking content are two more terrible strategies that Google can shred your SERPs for.

Who Maintains Your Website?

As you saw in the video above, websites break – all the time. One update to a particular plugin and the whole thing can come crashing down like a stone. That’s why we perform regular checks and maintenance to make sure everything is working. Google issues a new guideline – we’re in there making sure every website we host is in compliance.

Michigan SEO Group – One of the Best SEO Companies in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Proper SEO is a marathon – not a sprint. It takes time to do correctly and see lasting results. Good SEO starts with the website. If it’s not built correctly, if the linking structure is off, if plugins break and aren’t maintained, your website’s Google search rankings could be punished and you wouldn’t even know it! If you’re tired of being on Page 2 – we can help get you to Page 1. With our website design team and our crack internet marketing experts, we’ll create and execute a plan designed to improve your business’ online presence and move you up in search results.

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