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Best SEO Techniques – Take A Website Deep Dive Optimization

Best SEO Techniques Ann Arbor, MI
Best SEO for Ann Arbor Businesses

Trying to figure out why your website isn’t hitting page one on Google?

Need the best SEO for your Ann Arbor, Michigan Business?

You’ve written amazing informative content for months. You’ve shared it on social media and your Google My Business profile. You’re using keyword-rich URL’s, headers, and popping in backlinks where necessary. But have you done everything you possibly can to SEO the hell out of your website? With so many tricks in the magic bag of best SEO practices, it’s easy to forget to do a couple of key steps. Here are a few Deep Dive Search Engine Optimization tips:

  • Link Your Social Media Accounts
    You’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, maybe you even have a YouTube page or a Pinterest account - but do your customers know? Linked social media icons in your header and footer not only let search engines know these accounts are related to your website, but they also help customers and potential new customers check you out and follow you on social media.
  • Keyword Optimize Your Images
    This is an important but very easy step to overlook. In terms of best SEO for your business, image optimization won’t be the immediate tipping point, from page five to page one - but it helps put you on the path. If you’re using keyword-rich image titles along with keyword-rich alt descriptions, you’ll start to see your images pop in organic search results. We recommend a format such as: target-keyword-your-business-name when naming your images.
  • Quote and Link to Google or Facebook Reviews
    Your business is satisfying customers and they’re leaving you good feedback. Celebrate that by using review quotes in your keyword pages and then link back to those reviews! Facebook actually lets you embed the review where you can only plug in the URL for Google reviews. Not only a great way to show you’re good at what you do – this is an easy and effective method for adding relevant outbound links to your website!
  • Embed your business’ Google Map on every page
    Adding a Google Map to your pages alone may not move the needle, but it also offers you the chance to add one more keyword-rich headline in your content. We use the technique of stating the Business Name followed by Keyword-Rich Headline followed by the embedded map. For clients that are struggling with SEO, use this technique with their blog posts.

Best SEO for Ann Arbor Businesses – Michigan SEO Group

SEO requires consistent effort. It’s not a simple game of producing one piece of content and you’ll find your business on page one of Google. It takes time and depending on your target keywords, it’ll require multiple pages. However, if you stick to best SEO practices and remain consistent, the needle will move in your favor.

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Best SEO for Ann Arbor Businesses