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Is your business at the top of Page One of Google?

Or are you stuck in SEO no man’s land?

Businesses in Michigan Need Search Engine Optimization

Google is always making improvements and refining the search process. They’re the ultimate benchmark for successful search engine optimization. If your business reaches the top of Page One, you’re setting the gold standard. If you’re not on Page One – don’t lose hope! Most businesses don’t go the extra mile with their SEO efforts. A few changes will make all the difference and get you results.

SEO Isn’t Magic, It’s Effort

There isn’t a magical incantation that instantly transports your business to the top of Page One of Google. Instead, it’s almost as simple as putting in the effort. The clients we help at Michigan SEO Group are just like you - they want their business to be found online and they want to meet new customers.

To reach the top of Google you need new keyword-driven content. You need to have a social media presence. You need to make sure your Google My Business profile is thoroughly filled out and optimized. While there are intricacies about how to do those steps – they’re the basis for a well-rounded SEO campaign.

Results Can Happen Fast or Slow - You Won’t Get Anywhere by Doing Nothing

One of our biggest recent success stories came from a client who had three business locations – each with their own website that had duplicate content. None of the websites were properly optimized and they couldn't be found anywhere on Google.

Within a month of launching a brand-new fully optimized website that housed all three locations, their SEO results turned around. Week by week, month by month, their position on Google increased to the point where they’re on the top of Page One for nearly all their keywords and getting thousands of website visits and hundreds of conversions every month. It wasn’t magic, it was effort.

If You Can’t Manage Your Online Marketing – Michigan SEO Group Can

It’s not easy to go it alone and manage your online marketing while also running a business. That’s where we come in. By adhering to best practice SEO standards, we work with a variety of different businesses and industries to move and improve their search ranking. From new website development and hosting to social media marketing to content creation, we use proven techniques to help our clients.

If your website isn’t appearing in search results – let us take a look at it. We’ll give you a full rundown of problem areas and steps you can take to fix it. Contact Us today to learn more.






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