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Best Practices Website Design for Michigan Businesses

Do you have a cool looking website but your search results are poor?

It could be how your website was built that’s holding you back.

Best SEO Practices in Website Design for Surrounding Ann Arbor, Michigan Businesses

There’s no denying it, there’s an appeal to building your website in an easy cut and paste developer or on Wordpress. Anyone can do it. But that can be a big problem for your SEO. Because anyone can do it, your website isn’t being designed with your SEO needs in mind. You could be writing the best content in the world but search engines may not even be able to read it!

Our co-founder Don Prior has some important information about quality website design for Ann Arbor, Michigan businesses:

There’s an important takeaway Don mentions about easy to build website companies. If it’s so easy that anyone can do it, that means it’s just as easy for someone to find and exploit a weakness and hack it. We’ve encountered it numerous times where a Wordpress plugin was hacked and Google punished the site as a result.

The other problem with plugins is they can expire. If you’re not keeping your website up to date, entire chunks of your website may go missing or not function properly. And guess what, when that happens Google and Bing probably aren’t going to serve your website in search results.

Proper secure website hosting. Proper website design for Areas Surronding Ann Arbor,Michigan businesses and businesses all over the world!

The other problem with plugins and “cut and paste” website builders is the coding. It can be a garbled mess when you put a dozen different plugins and themes together to create the website. That complicated code makes it more difficult for search engines to parse through and understand. If they can’t easily read your website, your SEO results suffer.

Michigan SEO Group – Best Practices for Website Design for Michigan Businesses

Is your website keeping you from page one on Google? The best way to find out is Contact Us for a free website analysis. We’ll be able to give you a complete report if your website design is the culprit or if you have content issues. From there we can give you a list of important next steps with information on how we can help get your business ranking on Google search.

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