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Strong Website Design in Ann Arbor, Michigan Gets Positive SEO Results

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is a lot like running a marathon. It’s the long-term plan designed to improve your business’ search engine rankings to page one and keep you there. New keyword-focused content, social media, YouTube videos, blog posts are all key elements. The quality of your website design is equally important.

Here’s our co-founder Don Prior to explain more about the importance of website design for Ann Arbor, Michigan businesses:

As Don points out in the video, where your website is hosted is a key factor. Google, Bing and the other search engines like to be able to easily crawl your website. If they have to go through too much complex or redundant code, they could push down your search ranking.

You could be writing the best content the internet has ever seen with proper keyword insertion, inbound links, outbound links, and the keyword in the header and URL… but if Google can’t understand it, none of that matters. Too often websites are designed only with the look and aesthetic in mind. They may look pretty, but they’re not built so that search engines can quickly read them. Watch out for creating extra roadblocks with bad website coding!

Experienced Website Design for Surrounding Ann Arbor, Michigan Businesses

Yes, we build websites for Michigan businesses and get terrific SEO results. We also build websites for businesses all over the world and see the same amazing SEO results! Even if you want your new website to look exactly like your old one – letting our website developers rebuild it in our CMS almost always nets a positive result on search engines within a few short weeks. With proper website design, website hosting, and our proven best SEO practices, we’ll be able to move your business from Google’s proverbial No Man’s Land to page one.

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