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Getting Wonky SEO Results? It Might Be Google!

Are you seeing weird search results on Google?

Was your SEO on page one and now on page none?

Michigan SEO Group provides best techniques to get Ann Arbor area business strong online marketing solutions.

When it comes to online marketing in Ann Arbor, Michigan – nothing is ever very easy. Certain areas of the country are highly competitive. This means you have to put in an extra amount of effort to get those search rankings moving in the right direction for your clients. However, if you’ve recently seen your SERPs or your clients’ SERPs take a plunge – it may not be your fault. It could be *GASP!* Google’s!

If you’re following industry news and trends, you may already be aware that Google has had a bumpy couple of months. As Search Engine Land details, Google lost part of its index last April. That is lost as in gone, kerflooey, up in smoke. Thankfully Google fixed the issue… until happened again in May… and then again on Thursday, August 8th. While these issues seem to have only affected newer content, it’s still hit some clients hard giving them momentary SERP Shock!

These disruptions may have lasted only a day or two, but if you're depending on your SEO to reach potential clients and they can't find you that day or two can be a pain.

How Do You Counteract Google’s Indexing Issues?

SEO is a marathon – not a sprint. For the online marketing of our Ann Arbor area clients, we have a long-term plan that includes fresh new keyword-focused webpage content, additional blog posts, and a strong social media presence. When Google’s indexing encounters these hiccups, sadly there really isn’t anything we can do about it other than staying the course. You can let Google know you’re seeing weird statistics, but not much more than that.

However, because these issues seem to temporarily affect the most recently posted content – your long-term SEO strategy should keep you afloat until the problem is fixed. The more content you produce over the long haul is your safeguard. When these indexing issues hit, that amazing page you just wrote and posted the day before may not hit the top, but your other pages might! And, when Google fixes the indexing issue, there’s a good chance your stats may improve because it has to re-index the website.

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If you’ve just launched a new website or your current site isn’t on page one, we can help. For over thirteen years we’ve provided SEO and online marketing for Ann Arbor, Michigan area businesses and clients all over the world. By using proven best SEO techniques, website design, and social media marketing, we’ll help you reach more potential new customers.

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