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5 Crucial Tips for Any Business’s Web Design

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Is your Michigan business struggling to establish a widespread online presence?

Are you looking to attract more visitors to your site?

Studies have shown that users form their first impression of a website in just 0.05 seconds! (researchgate.net) Good web design is absolutely critical to establishing your business as reputable and trustworthy. Like creating a positive impression in a conversation, you want your web visitors to see a professional-looking site that clearly shows what you’re about. Making your pages easy to navigate, visually pleasing, and filled with useful content will help users form a positive opinion of you and often boost your sales in the process! 

So how can you improve your business’s web design? 

1.  Simple, Short, and Memorable Domain Name – Your domain name is the doorway that customers walk into to get to your website. Make sure your address is easy to type out and remember. No numbers, hyphens, or irrelevant terms! Choose something short and sweet that won’t confuse visitors when they type it into their web browser. Try to get a domain with the .com extension and include some target keywords in the URL itself if possible.

2.  User Friendly Interface – When designing the layout of your webpage, make sure you use easy-to-read fonts and a navigation system that won’t confuse people. Your website should look professional and load fast while also making it clear where potential customers should click to contact you or buy now.

3.  Informative Landing Page – The very first page customers see should tell them who you are and what you do. You DO NOT want customers to come to your site and have a hard time understanding what your business is! Include some eye-catching images on the homepage that show the user more about your company. Make sure your “About Us” page is obvious in your main menus so customers can learn about you easily.

4.  Consistently Update with Fresh Content – Creating quality articles and posts is an important key to boosting your search engine presence. Google needs to understand that your site actually provides useful information to users before it will recommend your page above others. Publish relevant keyworded content on a consistent basis to boost your search results and your helpfulness to visitors!

5.  Optimize for Search Engines – Design your site to focus on certain target keywords—make sure these keywords appear in titles, headings, and links throughout the site. It’s also important for other relevant sites to link back to your pages. Posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram with links back to your page can help boost your online presence.

Looking for Web Design in Michigan?

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