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Building Brand Authority with Great Website Design in Michigan

In 2020, having a great website is a must for any business.

We want our customers to be able to find us, to have seamless mobile experiences, to shop securely, and more.

We like things we can turn into numbers, but sometimes it’s not so simple. Some important questions you should ask about your website are:

  • Does using this website bring the customer joy? Or is your website a source of frustration?
  • Does your website attract your ideal customer?
  • What does your website say about your brand? Does it instill trust?

If you’re thinking about building brand authority and trust, quality website design for your Michigan business is a must!

Have the right website design for your Michigan business.

Not All Value Can Be Measured

We all know the benefits in leads and conversions a well-designed website can have.

But good website design goes beyond these well-known benefits.

A key distinction to draw is between brand awareness and brand authority. It’s simple enough—awareness is how many consumers have heard of your brand. Within the consumers who are aware of your brand, you have to consider how much they trust it. That’s brand authority.

There’s no simple way to earn brand trust and authority. After all, it’s something your customers have to give YOU!

Focus on providing your customers with real value. You don’t always have to market to your customers—using your online presence to educate and inspire is a sure way to build trust.

You should also think about the user experience you’re providing. Is your website optimized for mobile? Is the information organized in a logical way? Is nice to look at, or harsh on the eyes?

These considerations are a little hard to pin down sometimes, but quite simply, your brand should make your customer happy! We all know how frustrating bad web design can be—that’s why building brand trust begins with good design!

Expert Website Design from Michigan SEO Group

Your authority and your website are inseparable. That’s why you shouldn’t trust your brand to those one-size-fits-all platforms.

At Michigan SEO group, we build a custom website from the ground up. After an initial consultation, your needs are assessed, and we build your site to order.

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We’ve been in business in website design here in Michigan for years—if your business is growing and needs online solutions, give us a call!