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This Story Never Ends Well…

You let your children play in the street during rush hour traffic…

You gave access to your bank accounts to that friendly Nigerian Prince who emailed you…

You trusted your cousin’s best friend’s neighbor’s college roommate to build you a new company website…

Michigan SEO Group provides premier website design in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Professional Website Design in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Michigan SEO Group

Letting someone you barely know who isn’t qualified and doesn’t know how to properly code or implement essential SEO build your business website is like lighting your house on fire to keep warm or going into the woods wearing overalls made of bacon – it’s just not a good plan.

You want your website design done by professionals who are experienced and who know how to optimize it for search engine results. While it may be tempting to go cheap on your website build, this is the future of your business we’re talking about. You need it to work and it’s critical to have it show up when people search for your services.


We Build Websites from The Ground Up & Ready For SEO

At Michigan SEO Group we’ve fixed dozens of websites built by well-meaning people who simply didn’t know what they were doing. Bad web design leads to slow loading, 404 errors, plugin issues, you name it – these sorts of problems can crush your online presence and cause you to lose costumers or worse!

One client who came to us had several very big problems. Their website had been built on Wordpress by a random employee in their office. In the course of five years, the site was never maintained. It ran on an ancient version of Wordpress with dozens of out-of-date themes and plugins that killed their search rankings. But the worst thing that happened was that they got hacked without knowing it!

Whoever hacked them installed software that redirected their visitors to an adult-themed website! Obviously, this needed fixing – and fast! So, we got to work. After removing the bad redirect code, our website design team cleaned up the site, removing all the broken plugins and themes and adding security measures to ensure that their site won’t be used for nefarious purposes ever again.

Too Many People Treat SEO As an Afterthought

Another client we helped had a website that was essentially dead on arrival. Originally built by an unpaid intern, the client thought it was “90% done” and only needed a few small changes. Unfortunately, we see this a lot. The website design was far from ready. It suffered from broken navigation, missing pages, and from pictures that weren’t edited or optimized. The huge file sizes lead to very long load times.

This required a virtual page-one rewrite from our web design team. We rebuilt the website from scratch in our own content manager, which allowed us to optimize the site. We improved load times, fixed the broken pages, and enabled to the site owners to make edits themselves without worrying about breaking the site… all while dramatically improving their SEO rankings.


When You Work with Professionals, You Get Professional Service

At Michigan SEO Group, our experienced web design team has all the tools in place to make sure your website runs smoothly and has the potential to rank high in search results. Don’t leave the success of your business in the hands of your grandmother’s neighbor.

If you want a reliable website design in Michigan that works, is hosted on a secure server, and is optimized to improve your organic search results – don’t hesitate to give us a call at 734-619-0736 or Contact Us for a free website analysis 

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