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Why You Need Local Web Hosting and Website Design in Michigan

local website hosting and website design in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Are you in the process of getting a new website design for your Ann Arbor, Michigan business?

Do you already have a website, but want to make a few upgrades?

Are you struggling to contact your current web hosting team to make changes?

From Wordpress to Squarespace to Wix, there are an overwhelming number of options available for website design and hosting. Big brand names may sound like a safe investment, but you might not get the best service when you’re just one small name in a huge list of customers. When it comes to website performance and customer service, local website hosting and website design may be your best options

As a business owner, you spend a lot of your time making sure everything at your office is running smoothly. You shouldn’t have to worry about your website load times. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your website is secure. And you certainly shouldn’t have to worry about whether your website is appropriately backed up on secondary servers!

Instead of spending your valuable time troubleshooting or trying to make complicated changes, consider hiring a local company that can not only host your website, but make sure that changes are completed on time and done correctly, without charging you an extra arm and a leg.

Premier Local Web Hosting and Website Design in the Ann Arbor, Michigan Area

Brand names aren’t always the best choice, especially not when it comes to web hosting, design, and development.

Big names like Wordpress and Squarespace are easy to use, but not always the most secure options for your business. Trusting your sensitive information and security to a company that knows you, knows your business, and cares about you is an important part of a good working relationship.

Why does that matter?

Imagine you’re launching a new product or service. You and your employees have been working hard on the logistics for weeks, or maybe even months. You’ve got everything planned so it goes off without a hitch, but now you have to rely on a web hosting company to get their job done, too.

Can you manage the project if the company isn’t reachable by phone? What if something goes wrong? Do you have to call a support number or submit a help request ticket and end up at the end of the line with hundreds of people in a support queue?

Other potential issues when dealing with an out-of-state or even out-of-country web hosting company are:

  • Website tweaks may not be completed on time or correctly.

    Small changes that could be made quickly will likely take 2-3 days, depending on the responsiveness of the hosting company.

    The security of a website built on a template like Wordpress or Squarespace is spotty at best, meaning your website might not be secure for your customers’ sensitive information.

A local web hosting company helps you avoid those potential headaches. At Michigan SEO Group, we’ve got a team of web programmers, IT technicians, server gurus, web designers, and content writers who can handle every step of your project. We’re only a phone call away, and we can usually make changes the same day. We’re also able to respond quickly to emergencies. 

Experienced Website Design & Best SEO Techniques Get Incredible Results

Virtually every time we host a business’ website or build them a new website, we see immediate results. We’ve had countless clients move from page five on Google searches to page two and three in just a couple of weeks simply by letting us take over hosting their website.

Recently we had a company sign on with us that was experiencing a near-nightmare scenario for SEO. They were a local Michigan business with three locations – and each location had its own website. All three websites were built in Wordpress – but hosted by different companies! To make things worse, the content was copied from one website to the next with virtually no variance.

When we took them on as a client, we did many key things right, including:

  • Brand New Glorious Website Design
    To market all three locations, we built them a brand new website from scratch in our CMS designed with their SEO needs in mind.

  • Dynamic SEO Content Creation
    We rewrote all their content for services, locations, and targeted keywords.

  • Online Marketing 101
    We made sure that each location had an active, optimized Google My Business profile. We also made sure their social media presence was fully engaged to maximize their outreach.

  • Local Website Hosting Here in Ann Arbor, Michigan 
    We took control of the website hosting of their old sites and created redirects to the new website location pages. On top of providing local hosting, their new website is more responsive with faster load times!

It was a lot of work – but the effort paid off. In less than four weeks they were already seeing jaw-dropping results. Before, you couldn’t find their websites in Google search results at all. After, they were hitting page three, page two, and even page one for some very competitive keywords! After six weeks, things got even better, with some of their locations’ Google My Business pages showing up in the info panel in search results! During what used to be their “slow season,” they’re booked

Best SEO Techniques Requires Time, Effort, and Detail

While some SEO companies may be content with sitting on their successes, we’re constantly trying to do more and get better results. The client we described was a huge success, but we weren’t 100% satisfied yet. While digging through their search data, we discovered they were getting hits from people looking for a service not listed on the website. It turns out they did offer that service, but it wasn’t listed anywhere on the new site.

It wasn’t listed because they never told us they offered it! Now, they have a new service page with that information along with keyword-focused articles, blog posts, social media posts, and additional pages targeting that keyword. If you have an SEO company working hard for you, remember that they’re not mind readers. They try to be, but you know your business best. If you don’t tell your marketing team that you have a certain service, you’ve effectively tied their hands and asked them to type with their toes. They’ll get results, but it may take a lot longer!

Website Design and Website Hosting by a Local Ann Arbor, Michigan Business Protects Your Customers!

Not only does having a local company build, design, and manage your website make things easier for you – make one phone call rather than several – but it also improves the user experience for your customers.

Because template-based websites like Wordpress are easy to use for everyone, it also means they’re easy to hack and easier to target for people who are out to get your customers’ information. Built-in features that let you “do it yourself” can also make your website vulnerable!

Here at Michigan SEO Group, we do things differently. We host our clients' websites with what we call "Business Class Web Hosting." The hosting service is provided through our sister company, Network Services Group, LLC, and as a general rule, we require 99% of our clients to use NSG hosting. Why, you might ask, are you guys so particular about web hosting?

The short answer is: because we have been in the business for nearly two decades, and we have found, time and time again, that without immediate access to a client's website in an environment we directly control, things just go wrong. We have to track down the people responsible for the problem and wait for them to fix it or wait for them to let us fix it. That’s precious time you can’t afford while your website is broken or exposed to a hack.

Your host provides the very basis on which your website exists and runs. When something goes wrong and disinterested parties have control – when they are unresponsive, inexperienced, or overwhelmed by an enormous client base -- that problem becomes very difficult to solve in a coordinated way.

Best SEO Practices with Expert Website Design and Website Hosting in Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you’re tired of your website being stuck in Google search purgatory, where it doesn’t seem to matter what you do … you never reach page one – give us a call! With nearly two decades of experience, we’ve been around the SEO block a few times and we’ve developed a series of best SEO practices to make sure our clients hit page one and stay there!

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Don’t take our word for it, hear from some of our happy clients!

“If you are in any way considering a web page or boosting your online presence, you should contact SEO Ann Arbor right away. In a short period of time we started getting contacts from our new website. We are seeing a dramatic increase in calls and contacts from the website each week and are very happy with this company. It was worth every penny. The only mistake we made was waiting to call and sign them up!!!”
- Kaufman & Kaufman, LLC

“I started working with Nick and Don over 7 years ago. In that time we redesigned the web site, focused our efforts on core projects, and targeted our most profitable markets. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Our first job came directly from the web site and resulted in enough profit to cover the cost of the web site for years. Their SEO works,and I get a monthly report card about how we are doing. If you are going to spend your marketing budget, these guys will help you spend it wisely.” 
- Andy Bobo, owner of CMR Mechanical



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