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Crafting an "Offer Post" on Google My Business

Are you about to run a limited time sale for an item or service? Do you have clearance items you want to clear out of your inventory? Are you looking for a way to entice more people to sign up for your services? – It’s time to craft an Offer post on Google My Business.

As we’ve covered how to craft a What’s New post and an Event post on Google My Business, we’re turning our attention to crafting special Offer posts. Not sure what to make a special offer on? One way you can think of the Offer option on GMB is like a Groupon – only you get complete control over the offer!

Online Marketing in Ann Arbor, Michigan - Using Google My Business Offer Posts

Making an "OFFER POST" on Google My Business

If you’ve got sale items in your store or online inventory or if you’d like to run an introductory special price for new customer sign-ups, the Offer post option on Google My Business is a terrific way to make that happen – for FREE. You don’t have to pay advertising fees, you don’t have to kickback to some other coupon company - you set the discount!

Steps for crafting a Google My Business Offer post:

First: The Image or Video

As we’ve said before, use an image that is catchy, colorful, and not a simple stock photo! Offering a product? Take a real live picture of that product! If you've got a short 10 - 30-second video - even better!

Second: Offer Details

Again, Google is giving you 1,500 characters to tell people everything about what you’re offering – so fill it up! Include all relevant info you can think of about your product or service and why they should take you up on your special offer.

Third: Offer Title

What is your offer? $5 off? 20% discount? Buy 2 Get 1 Free? This is a big one so be clear what the offer is.

Fourth: Start Date and End Date

Like an Event post, you can set the time frame this offer is good for, and it should stay on your GMB profile for the duration without it automatically resetting to the default view that doesn’t include posts.

Fifth: Optional Coupon Code, Link, and Terms & Conditions

While technically these are all optional, you’re going to need to consider them when making your post. If you don’t have a coupon code ready for redemption, we strongly suggest a link to your product or service website page. We also feel that you should write up terms and conditions to cover any restrictions or redemption limits to your offer. 

Now, don’t feel like you have to make discount offers or if you made an offer once you don’t have to do it all the time. Posts are an engagement tool for you to reach out to potential new customers so use the What’s New or Event post options. Just remember to keep posting on GMB and your business will be in great shape!

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