Do You Actually Own Your Website’s Pictures?

Your website design looks pretty with great pictures… 

…But where’d you get those pictures?

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Know where you source your images for your website design!

Just because another website posts a picture in an article or a news story doesn’t mean it’s free to use. Just because you see a picture on social media doesn’t mean you’re able to use it in your marketing. Even if it’s a picture of you – you don’t always own the right to use that picture! As various celebrities like Katy Perry have discovered, you can’t share photos of yourself taken by someone else on social media without paying the photographer or organization that owns the image – without risking a lawsuit.

Stock Images May Not Always Be Pretty – But They’re Free

Stock image websites like Pixabay or Unsplash offer up royalty-free stock images. These may not be the best pictures ever, but most of the time they’re pretty good and you won’t run the risk of getting a nasty letter in the mail from a lawyer demanding thousands of dollars for the use of the image! Your website design will benefit from plenty of images so if free sources aren’t panning out, Shutter Stock or Adobe Stock may well be worth the investment.

Take Your Own Photos

Free good-looking photos you don’t have to pay for – take them yourself! In this day and age, mobile devices rival professional photo equipment. Chances are good you’re reading this article on the very device that can save you money, take great-looking pictures and video, and help avoid a painful conversation with a lawyer. If you can’t afford a professional photographer and if stock images fail you – you’re your best resource for pictures! There are plenty of free or low-cost memberships for online photo editing software to help you make those pictures look amazing.

Photos Help The Website Design for Your Ann Arbor, Michigan Business

Photos not only help your website look good – they also help inform visitors about you and your work and they can help the SEO value of your website. So take the time to know where your pictures are being sourced. Just because a news article used a picture doesn’t mean it’s free! Take a picture yourself, hire a pro, or take a look at some free-sourced stock photo websites.

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