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If you're interested in SEO, or a new SEO-friendly website design for your Michigan business, we'd love to talk! Give us a call. Have a conversation, and we'll give you a free copy of our book. No obligation or hard sell.

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Michigan SEO Group is your source for premier internet marketing, best SEO in Michigan and SEO-focused website design for Michigan businesses

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Is your website getting noticed on Google? At Michigan SEO Group, we provide world-class website design in Michigan for local and global businesses

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If your site isn't on page 1 of Google, then call Michigan SEO Group today! Your initial website evaluation is free!

Website Hosting


Website Hosting is service that stores your website and makes it accessible to others via the internet. Do you trust the people who manage your digital presence? Because that really matters.

Why You Need Local Web Hosting and Website Design in Michigan


At Michigan SEO Group we offer premier seo-focused website design for Michigan businesses with secure, reliable web hosting in Michigan

Website Hosting in Michigan


Michigan Website Hosting. Website design in Michigan. Where you host your website matters. We are proud to offer Business Class Website Hosting, and control servers in multiple data centers -- all with redundant backups.

Internet Marketing


Want your website ranking on Google? You need our premier internet marketing in Michigan and Website Design in Michigan services!

4 Tips for Promoting Your Business on Social Media


About 48% of the world’s population uses social media for social connection, news, sharing of information, and entertainment. Chances are good your dream clients are among them. Use social media to promote your business on a small budget, develop a relationship with your customers, and inspire brand loyalty.

Marketing With Your Heart and Mind


On Friday, May 15th, MSG’s very own Nick Suino hosted a digital seminar on marketing in one of the toughest times in our lives. The seminar was aimed at helping small and medium sized businesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan adapt their strategies for online marketing to an unprecedented situation.

Important Google Changes: What You Need for Your Presence on Social Media in Michigan


This new change could potentially have a big impact on your business—keep reading to find out what you can do for your business presence on social media in Michigan!

Zoom Tips from the Experts in Web Design in Michigan


At MSG, we’ve been zooming for years! Here are some quick tips to not get caught with your pants down on Zoom, from your go-to company for web design in Michigan!

Crafting a "Product Post" on Google My Business


In a quick product post, you can instantly show potential clients what you have to offer!

Crafting an "Offer Post" on Google My Business


If you’ve got sale items in your store or online inventory or if you’d like to run an introductory special price for new customer sign-ups, the Offer post option on Google My Business is a terrific way to make that happen – for FREE.

Crafting an "Event Post" on Google My Business


Event Posts are a great way to reach people. With the start and end time options, it gives you the chance to get more exposure for your event and time for more people to see your post than a standard Google My Business post.

Getting Wonky SEO Results? It Might Be Google!


Google has had a bumpy couple of months. They lost part of their indexing so your SEO results could look strange. A longterm SEO plan is a great way to protect yourself.

Crafting A “What’s New” Post on Google My Business


The “What’s New” post is basically like a news tab. It’s a way for people seeing your profile in search results to know the latest and greatest happenings for your business.

Are You Posting on Google My Business?


Dominate Online Marketing in Michigan with GMB! There’s a mindset we want you to get into when you approach your Google My Business posts – This is FREE Advertising!

Google Business Profile: What You Need to Know About Getting Your Business Listed in Google's Knowledge Panel


For the best Internet Marketing and SEO in Ann Arbor, Michigan, make sure you've completely filled out your Google My Business profile!

Use Press Releases to Your Advantage!


If you can write an effective press release, it can influence your search ranking!

Do Stock Photos Affect SEO?


If you work in an environment that allows you to take original and interesting photos, you may want to consider dropping stock photos.

Optimizing for Twitter


Optimizing your content for the Twitter algorithm could help you get discovered on the popular platform.

Professional Internet Marketing Company in Michigan


Need an internet marketing company in Michigan? Michigan SEO Group performs best SEO techniques with premier website design in Michigan.

Best SEO Techniques in Ypsilanti, Michigan


As a local company, Michigan SEO Group can help you thrive on line with best SEO techniques and exceptional website design in Michigan!

Proven SEO In Detroit, Michigan


If you're struggling to get noticed online we can help. At Michigan SEO Group, we provide world class website design in Michigan and Social Media Management

Specialized Online Marketing in Brighton, Michigan


Want your Brighton business to rank on Google? Michigan SEO Group offers best SEO techniques with exceptional Website Design in Michigan.

Experienced SEO Website Design in Howell, Michigan


Is your website a drag? Michigan SEO Group provides custom first-rate website design for Michigan businesses to improve SEO

Expert Search Engine Optimization In Saline, Michigan


If your Saline business struggles online, we can help. At Michigan SEO Group we offer social media management for Michigan businesses.

Internet Marketing Company in Dexter, Michigan


Need an Internet Marketing Company in Michigan that knows what they're doing? With our proven best SEO techniques and specialized website design in Michigan, we'll get you ranked on Google.

Need Experienced SEO in Milan, Michigan?


Is your Milan business stuck in the SEO mud? We can help! Michigan SEO Group provides best SEO Techniques and premier website design in Michigan

Professional Website Design in Canton, Michigan


Got a slow website? At Michigan SEO Group we offer world-class website design in Michigan to get your SEO where it belongs.

Expert Search Engine Optimization in Chelsea, Michigan


Need proven best SEO techniques to get your Chelsea, Michigan business ranking online? Michigan SEO Group can help!

Experienced Online Marketing in Pinckney Michigan


Need help marketing your Pinckney Business? Michigan SEO Group provides world-class best SEO techniques and Internet Marketing for Michigan businesses.

Effective Online Marketing in Northville, Michigan


Want your Northville business to rank on Google? Michigan SEO Group can help through proven best SEO techniques and social media management.

Social Media Management in Plymouth Michigan


Need help with your local social media management in Plymouth, Michigan? Michigan SEO Group has over 12 years of experience helping businesses thrive online!

Website Design in Whitmore Lake, Michigan


Got a bum website? At Michigan SEO Group we provide clean-coded SEO-focused website design for Michigan businesses!

Professional Web Design In South Lyon, Michigan


Michigan SEO Group is your source for best SEO techniques and web design in Michigan

Experienced Internet Marketing Company in Novi, Michigan


At Michigan SEO Group we're an experienced internet marketing company offering best SEO techniques in Michigan

Martial Arts Marketing


At Michigan SEO Group, we help Martial Arts schools thrive online with proven SEO and premier Website Design from our Michigan company.

Strategic Business Marketing for Martial Arts Schools


Part of getting noticed online is a sound SEO plan. Our website design in Michigan services can help improve your load time and SEO rank.

How We Help Martial Arts Schools Thrive Online


Through best SEO practices and premier website design in Michigan, we can help your martial arts school thrive!

The Japanese Martial Arts Center


If your dojo is struggling online, here is how we made JMAC a force through our best practices SEO and website design in Michigan

Atlanta's Traditional Okinawan Karate-do Dojo


Michigan SEO and Website Design in Michigan helped this Atlanta school take off and thrive online!

Search Engine Optimization


We'd like to share advice and techniques that will help your webiste rank higher through proven best SEO in Michigan and smart website design in Michigan

Five SEO Tips You Can't Live Without


Applying these five tips can boost your website’s SEO and bring you more customers.

Step Up Your SEO to Thrive in the New Year


One of the most important things you can do for your business this year is build a strong digital presence using best SEO practices.

The Best SEO Techniques Combine Keywords and Content


SEO is most effective when combined with quality content. Michigan SEO Group has specialized in website design and best SEO techniques in Michigan since 2001. We provide our clients with fast, reliable, and personalized websites with quality content that helps build customer relationships.

It's Not Magic — It's SEO


Google is always making improvements and refining the search process. They’re the ultimate benchmark for successful search engine optimization.

Best SEO Techniques – Take A Website Deep Dive Optimization


Have you done everything you possible can to SEO the hell out of your website? With so many tricks in the magic bag of best SEO practices, it’s easy to forget to do a couple of key steps.

Does Dark Mode Affect Your SEO? Not Yet…


Does Dark Mode compatibility affect your best practices for SEO and ranking? In short according to Google’s John Mueller – no. But it’s still something you should consider.

3 Great Ways To Improve Your Online Marketing


One of the best ways to get noticed by new potential clients is a strong SEO strategy. This strategy should be focused on fresh new content that appeals to your target audience and should be shared on social media to get the word out.

How Best SEO Techniques Can Replace Google Ads


Google Ads not getting results? Here's how the best SEO techniques in Ann Arbor, MI can help potential new customers find you!

The Best SEO Companies in Michigan Use the Best SEO Techniques


Search Engine Optimization isn’t a one trick and you’re done process. Creating content is one thing, but optimizing it on your website with smart SEO-focused website design is just as important.

E-A-T. Your Y.M.Y.L. for SEO


Are you a health services professional like a dentist, pediatrist, or therapist who’s worried about your SERPs dropping like a stone?

AMP: A Powerful New Tool for Search Engine Optimization


We'll tell you what AMP is, what you need to know about it, and what it means for the future of SERPs. Best SEO techniques for Michigan Businesses.

One SEO Technique to Avoid Like the Bubonic Plague – Link Building Scams


Use only proven Best SEO Techniques with clean coded website design for your Michigan and Global business.

Our Second Absolute Best SEO Technique – One Topic Per Page – and More About How to CRUSH IT with your online presence!


Great SEO value comes from clean content with a clear direction. Follow our best SEO in Michigan and website design for Michigan businesses to thrive

The Five Absolute Best SEO Techniques for Small Business ... and Two You Should Avoid Like the Bubonic Plague!


Want to get your business to rank on Google search? The best SEO techniques for Michigan businesses and Michigan Website Design will help!

How to Build A URL


A well-built url is a vital factor for SEO. What to learn the best way to make one? Read this for proper website design in Michigan!

Social Media Management


Need help managing your social media? Need help reaching your fans? Michigan SEO Group can help you create a campaign that will keep your potential customers engaged and informed about everything going on at your business!

Google My Business: A Growing Platform for your Michigan Social Media Presence


At Michigan SEO Group, we’ve been encouraging businesses to integrate Google My Business into their local SEO for years. Keep reading for more information about this important social media presence for your Michigan business!

What You Can Do During COVID-19


What your business can do during COVID-19. There might be a lot of uncertainty right now, but you can still keep in contact with your customers during COVID19 through social media and these tips!

Growing Your Social Media in Michigan with Instagram


If your business isn’t on Instagram, you’re missing out! But don’t worry—with these tips, you can start growing your presence on social media in Michigan and beyond!

Social Media Management Tips for Optimizing Your YouTube Channel


YouTube is one of the fastest growing platforms and is an important part of our social media management for Ann Arbor, Michigan area businesses plan!

The Future of Social Media Management is Video


Social Media management is a great way to reach out to current and potential new customers. It's also an important SEO tool!

Leverage Your Social Media Reviews


Answering reviews - even the negative ones - is an important part of your social media management for Michigan businesses.

3 Tips for Easier Social Media Management In Michigan


We've been in the SEO game for a long time. Social Media Management for Ann Arbor Michigan area businesses is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Website Design For Michigan Businesses


Your Website is a Digital Representation of Who You Are. Is your website sending the right message? Because if it isn't, you're either losing customers or attracting the wrong crowd.

Web Design Year in Review


Creating a good user experience on your website is more important than ever. Check out what the experts at Michigan SEO Group had to say this year about web design!

Dark Mode and Web Design


Are you looking to make your website more use-friendly? Consider adding a dark mode option for a more comfortable viewing experience.

What's So Important About Page Views?


A successful website evolves using a process to keep the site fresh, relevant, and optimized to meet the needs of its client base. When done right, your web presence can take your business to new levels of success. But, without regular analysis and updates, your site won’t product results no matter how much thought and money you put into website design.

When DIY Web Design Really Means “Do-Over”


Popular DIY CMS options may look cost-effective on the outside, but the time needed to design, build, maintain, and repair issues cuts into your bottom line.

Why Your Web Presence is More Crucial Than Ever


Due to the pandemic, the importance of digital media has surged. Every small business should examine their online presence and web design to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.

Building Brand Authority with Great Website Design in Michigan


In 2020, having a great website is a must for any business. If you’re thinking about building brand authority and trust, quality website design for your Michigan business is a must!

Best Practices Website Design for Michigan Businesses


Best SEO Practices in Website Design for Michigan Businesses There’s no denying it, there’s an appeal to building your website in an easy cut and paste developer or on Wordpress. Anyone can do it. But that can be a big problem for your SEO.

High Quality Website Design for Michigan Business


If you want your business on Page 1 on Google, you nee High-end website design for Michigan businesses. Michigan SEO Group builds websites from the ground up with your SEO needs in mind.

This Story Never Ends Well…


The quality of your website design for your Michigan business is an essential piece of your SEO plan. Bad Web Design could hurt your SEO Results.

5 Signs It's Time for a New Website Design for Your Michigan Business


Website design for your Michigan area business is an essential piece of your SEO plan. If you're not ranking on Google, it could be time for a new website!

Michigan Website Design


Website Design is the amalgamation of three distinct arts: Graphic Design, Software and SEO. Need a website? Our team of professionals have just what you need.